Whether you need the implementation of a homepage, the programming of a modern rich client/server web application, or an iPhone or Android app - I can help you with your projects and the creation of individual software. Contact me at

What can I do for you?

Over at the competencies page you'll see what technical skills I have. But what kind of work can I do for you using those skills? Here are some examples:

Interested? Contact me at for more information.

How I work

I believe that software projects nowadays have to move fast and be flexible. The buzz word in this regard is agile develoment. It's important to receive feedback often and early to be able to react appropriately.

My process:

My service isn't limited only to the programming of an application. From the initial conception to the final deployment, I can offer you full service. Together with trusted service partners, I can also arrange for permanent hosting and support of your applications.