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Stefan Schuster

Full-stack JavaScript developer, mobile developer, ...

  • Core competencies: Web and mobile development
  • Services offered: Web projects of any complexity (from simple homepages to complex single page applications), Web Hosting, Mobile App Development
  • Hometown: Vienna, Austria
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About me

I'm a freelance software developer in Vienna, Austria with more than 15 years of experience working in IT. I describe myself as fullstack JavaScript developer because that's my passion, but I'm really an allround programmer with focus on web and mobile development.

I'm an expert with all things related to JavaScript, from vanilla JS snippets on homepages, to jQuery, to single page application development with Angular (or React or Vue.js) or backend development with Node.js (using Express, HAPI and the like). Of course this includes all skills related to this like Typescript, strong frontend knowledge (HTML, CSS), databases (MySQL, Postgres, Redis, some NoSQL databases like Couchbase and CouchDB, ...), APIs (using REST, and various data formats like JSON, XML, ...) and various other things (like queues with RabbitMQ, or MQTT). Since I run my own services I'm also familiar with deploying such services on Linux, which includes the occasional use of AWS, creating Dockerfiles, setting up automated builds in Gitlab and so on.

But as an allrounder, this is not everything I've gained experience with. For mobile app development I'm also active as an iOS developer using Swift, I take care of some PHP sites, and with all that experiences I'm usually pretty quick getting into new frameworks and languages. To get a full overview of the technologies I've worked with visit the skills page.