Stefan Schuster Consulting


An excerpt of my projects and clients.

  • Mind42:

    Mind42 is a free cloud based mind mapping software. Like Google Docs & Spreadsheets or other SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions, this service allows users to create documents - in this case mind maps - within their browser and collaborate with other users. It's an older service pending a rewrite I continue to completely run, maintain and develop on my own. This includes server administration, backend development (node.js) and frontend development (Dojo).

  • Castl:

    Castl is a new social media app on iOS and Android. I'm the frontend lead in this project and main developer of the iOS native part and Cordova webviews within the app. The native iOS app is written in Swift, the webviews use Angular. It's a unique combination of native and web content reducing the cost of maintaining Android and iOS apps and uses JSON REST APIs to communicate with the PHP/Laravel server.
  • oneStep2:

    The oneStep2 GmbH is an Austrian IT service provider specialized on monitoring and (server) infrastructure, lead by a long known and trusted colleague of mine. Together with oneStep2 multiple homepages (mostly based on Drupal) and app projects (native Android and iOS as well as Cordova based web-apps). The latest project was a completely custom, high availability, high security web shop for medical products using a Node.js backend (HAPI) and an Angular Frontend.
  • localstorage:

    localstorage is a Viennese real estate business which rents storage rooms to interested clients online on their homepage. I was entrusted to completely rebuild the homepage based on a PHP stack. The final product is based on the Laravel PHP Framework and includes payment processing for Paypal and EPS. On the frontend AngularJS, LESS and SVG have been used.
  • Sample+:

    Sample+ is a Viennese market research startup that distributes product samples to customers for free in exchange for their opinion. I was tasked to create the homepage and a custom tailored survey engine including the creation of associated reports. The project is based on Laravel.
  • ProLion:

    ProLion is an Austrian company providing services around storage solutions. I helped rewriting their main product backend and frontend to use modern standards like MQTT to create a better product (less data usage, more fault tolerant, ...). The backend has been written using Typescript, HAPI and Node.js and it shares some Typescript code with the Angular based frontend.
  • Jollydays:

    Jollydays is an Austrian company selling gift vouchers. For one of their projects I repeatedly helped implementing the web app. First by preparing the website for mobile use by reorganizing their LESS sources, creating a component library and implementing and integrating mobile versions of the components. Later by working on the AngularJS app in general.
  • all about apps:

    all about apps is an Austrian company providing mobile solutions from app development to consulting. For all about apps I participated in multiple projects in the creation of node.js based backends, providing JSON based REST services for the apps (including persistence, authorization, etc.).
  • Irian:

    IRIAN Solutions GmbH is a Vienna based consulting company, focused on Enterprise Java and Open Source. It's my former employer, but also after becoming self-employed I was happy to see this company among my customers. My work for IRIAN Solutions included consulting and development work for clients like Credite Suisse and Bundesrechenzentrum GmbH, as well as for internal projects. Most of my work for IRIAN was in the field of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.